Four Signs the African Fashion Industry is Gearing Up to Grab Worldwide Attention


It’s no secret that places like Paris, London and New York are hot beds of fashion, but there’s evidence notable achievements are happening across the whole continent of Africa. Keep reading to see why it’s worth keeping an eye on in the years to come.

Toronto Plays Host to Event Honouring African Designers and Trends

Beginning on August 15,,  2013 and running through the weekend, Toronto, Canada is the place to be for anyone who’s curious about the state of fashion in Africa, and where it’s headed in the future. Billed as African Fashion Week Toronto, the event includes lectures from notable guest speakers, tribal showcases and competitions for emerging designers. What better way for seasoned professionals and people participating in fashion design degree programs to mix, mingle and network?

Learning Weekends Offered for Aspiring Fashionable Entrepreneurs

Through the end of August, people can attend Kenyan learning institution Riara University to get hands-on advice about launching a fashion business. The weekend courses are a partnership between the Festival of African Fashion and Arts (FAFA) and the Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA). The eighteen workshops are covering topics such as marketing fashion brands through social media, financing business ventures and more. Speakers there include the managing director of L’Oreal East Africa. Although the event is already in progress, it was able to secure the backing of notable companies and business entities, indicating many people believe Africa is capable of producing excellent fashion entrepreneurs.

CEO of Malawi Fashion Week Invited to London Fashion Week

At the end of July, it was announced that Dawa Loga-Lemberger, the CEO of Malawi Fashion Week, received an invitation to appear at London Fashion Week along with the Minster of Tourism and Culture. London’s bash took place at the beginning of August, and while there, Loga-Lemberger received an award to solidify her status as a fashion icon in Malawi.

The fact she was not only able to attract the notice of industry leaders in London, but also be awarded for the contribution to her home country is a strong signal that people across the world are realizing African designers have a lot to offer the world.

Charlize Theron Supports African Youth With Exclusive Shoe Designs

In 2007, South African Actress Charlize Theron started the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project (CTAOP). Its focus is preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS across Africa’s youth population, but recently, the organization teamed up with the TOMS shoes company to do something that may indirectly bring attention to Africa’s emerging fashion industry.

So far, there have been three specially made designs of TOMS shoes in support of the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project (CTAOP). While sales from each pair supports the cause with a monetary donation, fashion-forward people who like the look of the brightly colored designs might ultimately be encouraged to learn more about Africa as a whole, and eventually see what the continent’s fashion designers have in store.

As these above examples illustrate, Africa may soon be an important and recognized provider of trendy clothing and footwear. Already, people around the world are watching closely and responding favourably.



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