Gunmen Open Fire at Kenyan Mosque!

gunman opens fire in kenya jaliwanders

Seven people have been reported as dead following an attack at a mosque in a north-eastern Kenyan village. It is believed that as many as 10 gunmen started shooting people who were attending early morning prayers at the mosque. Of the dead were five men who had been praying and two women who came running to help once they heard the shots. A further two people were also wounded but thought to be in a stable condition.

Residents of the village, known as Malaley 1, told reporters from the BBC that the gunmen left as soon as the attack was over and nothing was stolen. The village where the attack took place is only 28 miles from the Dadaab refugee camp where 500,000 people are currently seeking shelter from Somalia. Many previous attacks in this region have been blamed on terrorist organisations with links to al-Qaeda.

Tensions in the region are also running particularly high at the moment as the first general election since 2007 is due to take place soon. Following the vote of 2007, violence ensued in which more than 1,00 people died and 300,000 were left displaced after fleeing from their homes.

Source: BBC News

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