The Arab Spring

the arab spring jaliwanders

Although the events that came to be known as the Arab Spring are slowly becoming a thing of the past, the effects and consequences of these events will be felt in the Arab world for an age. The revolution that begun at the end of 2010 and continued to evolve with time, was characterised by demonstrations and protests aimed at toppling the regime. The cause and continuation of the Arab Spring had many catalysts and was notably fuelled by various online social media platforms.

The rule of the government prior to 2010 was the pivotal reasoning for the uprisings which occurred and many politicians were ousted from power. The way in which the government in all Middle Eastern countries were ruling was seen as a tyrant like with no equality or consideration of much of the population. Many people have written about the Arab Spring in an attempt to explain the chaos that ensued as a result of an incredibly discontent population.

One of our favourite blogs, Words Fusion, has recently published an extensive article that explores the Arab Spring from several different perspectives. Written by Patrizia Stellato, the article is one of the most concise and rational discussions of the Arab Spring that we at Jali Wanders have come across. Click here to check it out!

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