Civil War Threat in Mozambique!

civil war threat in mozambique jaliwandersTalks between the government in Mozambique and Renamo, the former rebel movement group, have still failed to come to any conclusion as both sides try to reach a peaceful arrangement. The talks are taking place amidst threats of a civil war in the country if no agreement is brokered.

Both groups took part in discussions in Maputo on Monday, however no decision was reached besides the scheduling of another meeting on the following Monday. Manuel Bissopo, the Renamo General Secretary, spoke to reporters after the meeting to explain his parties concerns with the current government. Their main five points have been explained as security and defence issues, not being privy to the benefits of growth within the economy, party dominance within the country and restricted access to the public administration.

Renamo have also accused the current government of violating the terms of a peace agreement signed in 1992. The agriculture Minister, Jose Pacheco was quick to deny this point and stated that all action taken by the Mozambican government had been in accordance with the constitution. He went on to say that “if there are specific questions, they (Renamo) should be more precise about them so that the relevant bodies can, in the future, take decisions about the concrete matters that are of concern to Renamo.

Mozambique is a country with a long history of political unrest, corruption and tension. It is a region that is rich in natural resources and the economy is very dependent on agriculture. The official language of Mozambique is Portuguese however some lesser spoken languages can still be heard such as Elomwe and the Chichewa language. The majority of the country are Christian however there is a significantly sized Muslim community.

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